Despite his size he is very active: after studying in Italy and Canada he began his career at the consulting firm founded and managed by his father.
Not fully satisfied, he expanded his horizons with activities ranging from niche agriculture to relaunching businesses in difficulty, from the development of solutions in the so-called “green economy” to the creation of new businesses.

He loves discovering unknown magazines and jealously guarding them, waiting to find time to read them.
Passionate about photography and architecture, he is an irrepressible lover of nature and travel. His grandfather, an opera singer, has handed him down his love for the true Italian cultural tradition.

Thanks to his passion for travel, he has been able to visit many countries and discover their local traditions, falling in love more with the people than the places.
The inventiveness of the peoples of the Far North is one of the memories that most stimulated his imagination as a traveller. Hence the idea behind our project.


The oldest and the sportiest of the team.
He has distinguished himself as a swimmer and triathlete.

After acquiring experience in the sports fashion industry, in 1990 he joined the world of quality optics.
He has been involved in creating the Italian structure for major eyewear brands held by foreign multinationals (no names, this is our moment).
He has followed numerous sponsorships of sailing competitions and in 2006 enjoyed supporting the official Jamaican bobsleigh team during the Winter Games in Turin.

After all these adventures he matured a clear idea: the world was missing a pair of glasses that combines sight wellness with the elegance typical of a product designed and manufactured in Italy. Thanks to research, design and the high technological standard of our lenses, we have been able to achieve the project objective.



Having arrived shortly after the launch our adventure, she is our export manager.
She has ten years of experience as a sales manager for Italian companies operating abroad in various sectors, focusing on the search for new business contacts and development of entire European markets.

A great theatre and literature enthusiast, she would like to go to the theatres in all the cities she visits and hopes one day to be able to fully understand a Shakespeare work recited in English.
She studied humanities in Turin and she attended the White Nights in St. Petersburg.

She speaks many languages and it is therefore easy for her to explore the culture of the countries in which she operates. They say she knows how to say hello and send greetings in all languages of the world!


He was born 129 days after the Köln Concert of Keith Jarrett and after a few years began to take his first piano lessons.
He is an architect who, after spending several years among frescoes and modern buildings, decided to completely dedicate himself to his great passions: visual design, online communication, brand culture and business narrative.

CEO and founding shareholder of the branding and digital commerce agency that supports the specific needs of the Nuiit project, he has managed to carve out a space to actively participate in the initiatives promoted by the communications companies operating in the country.

Omnivorous reader, a great lover of music and the visual arts.